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Turn your ideas to Sitecore experiences automagically

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What's Kajoo?

Kajoo, pronounced “ka-ju”, is inspired by a bridge so exquisite and complex in design yet so simple and pleasant to cross, making people’s lives easier. True to its namesake, we at TechGuilds are bringing innovation to simplify creating content on Sitecore by building a tool to help bridge the gap between ideas and properly-coded Sitecore components.

Why Kajoo

“I just love it when it takes blood, sweat, and tears to get my ideas from sketches to fully functioning Sitecore experiences” said No-one Ever. And it got us thinking: Translating wireframes and mockups to Sitecore code is not hard. But it's tedious. Crossing-a-canyon-by-foot tedious. So, we made Kajoo, a quick bridge that converts design to code. Magically. Auto-magically!

How it makes everyone’s life easier


Tasked with building new pages or components? Oh, and it needs to be done, like today? Kajoo automates tedious work. Upload mockups, approve the automatically-generated Sitecore code and get on with higher-value work: customizations or larger, more complex builds. 


Kajoo is a fast and easy way to create Sitecore components and pages that expand the functionality of your Sitecore implementation. Go ahead and dream big and let Kajoo do the hard work. Unleash your creativity. You design it. Kajoo builds it.


Kajoo expedites development of Sitecore components, increasing efficiency, boosting revenues, and reducing internal friction. You can save up to 80%-100% of development time. 

How it works

Let's look at how Kajoo works

Upload Image

Upload an image of a wireframe or create one using Kajoo’s library of 21 building blocks.


Define your brand colors and styles, and apply them easily to your wireframes. Save them as a ‘style guide’ to reuse in future projects.


Kajoo’s trained AI neural network algorithms will convert your styled wireframes to functioning web elements.

Name and Map

Name your web elements and map them to Sitecore fields using an easy-to-use visual interface.

Generate Code

Hit the “Generate Code” button, import the generated code into Sitecore and you have a draft page ready for content.

Add Content and Publish

Add content, publish, and get back the hours you’d have spent on endless back-and-forth and tedious work.

"Fantastic!", "Wow, that's absolutely genius!", "I want this thing"

Different reactions to seeing Kajoo in action


Request beta access


Want to be among the first to get access before everyone else? Great! If chosen, you can become one of our select few beta users and you’ll not only get early access but you’ll also be a contributor and influence the direction of Kajoo’s feature roadmap!